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Bill Cahan

UDA Medallion 2004

Graphic Designer
San Francisco, California, USA

Cahan & Associates was founded in 1984 as a graphic design agency that would be different than others in two main ways: 1) We would work harder to educate ourselves about our clients’ businesses and 2) We would look for fresh, intelligent approaches to implementing a strategic platform. Through these goals, we have strived towards more effective marketing through research and creative thinking.

We’ve worked on a variety of projects for many types of businesses from banking to fashion. This way we haven’t developed formulas or cliched ideas about how a project should look or work. We begin with concepts rather than a favorite color. Each new client brings a new business approach that demands a new communication approach. Our portfolio includes annual reports, packaging, corporate identities, marketing brochure and collateral, advertising, direct mail, web sites, architectural signage, posters, and promotional items for both large and small clients.