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8th United Designs 2016

An International Design Conference


Jeju, Korea

Yeon Gallery
Simhon Gallery
Jeju, Korea

Welcome to the 8th United Designs.
We shared its celebration with 120 magnificent united designers from 30 nations.

We celebrate our existence through our creativity because we are designers. Our visual languages are unique and thoughtful. Also, our hearts are honest and humble that we concern for now and tomorrow. We want to be together as one. These are the personality of the United Designs Alliance (UDA), an international design organization, because UDA is concentrating its global position in stabilizing and leading communication design practice and education values concerning our Earth and humanity. 

Jeju Island is a perfect place for our celebration. Jeju is the largest island located south of Korea, known as the Natural World Heritage Sites and an international tourist spot. Therefore, the 8th United Designs Jeju 2016 is the symbolic event for Jeju Island and UDA. Also, it is my honor to extend the exhibition at the American University in the Emirates (AUE), Dubai. I genuinely believe that we are connected as one and shared the same life and intellectual values through having exhibitions at two locations. 

Hence, we will continue our journey together with the United Designs Alliance to be an influential design organization for the Earth and humanity. As our motto, we believe design is about Firmitas, Utilitas,
and Venustas.

Welcoming remark by Albert Young Choi

Event Promotion

The First Day

The Last Day

Chief Director: Albert Young Choi
Directors: Roy Kim and Jangyong Shon
Co-Directors: Arafat Al-Naim, Zhao Zhiyoung, Zantides Evripides, Jennifer McKnight, and Dave Moon

Participants: 115 Participants from 30 Nations
Environmental Awareness Posters
UDA Medallions at Simhon Gallery:
Vlado Franjevic (Liechtenstein)
Jorge Brandao Pereira (Portugal)
Zhiyong Zhao (China)
Albert Young Choi (Korea)
Jennifer McKnight (USA)
Ferenc Kiss (Hungary)
Ian Lynam (Japan)

UDA Medallions