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7th United Designs 2014

An International Design Conference


Shanghai, China

Wuxing Gallery
Shanghai Normal University
Shanghai, China

Welcome to the 7th United Designs,
an International Biennial Design Exhibition.

We celebrate our existence through our creativity because we are designers. Our visual languages are unique and thoughtful. Also, our hearts are honest and humble that we concern for now and tomorrow. We want to be together as one. These are the personality of the United Designers.

After deep thought, I initiated a new Global Design Organization, United Designs Alliance (UDA), this year with 30 friends from 19 nations. I am very excited to activate our mutual concerns in design practice and education. In this unstable 21st century, UDA is concentrating its global position in stabilizing communication design practice and education values for now and tomorrow. 

The 7th United Designs Shanghai 2014 is a symbolic event for both United Designers and UDA. It is the first event that UDA is organizing and announcing our existence to the world with 30 reliable and humble directors of UDA and 111 participants from 20 nations. We will share and recruit more friends who think and act together to make it better for us and the next generations. 

This international event was successful because there were helps from others. I thank Shanghai Normal University for hosting the 7th United Designs. I thank Mr. Liu Xuguang (Dean of Fine Arts College), Ms. Liang Min (Vice Dean of Fine Arts College), Mr. Zhao Zhiyong (Chair of Graphic Design Dept.), Ms. Sarah (Secretary of Fine Arts College), and other SHNU faculty and staffs. Also, I thank the directors of UDA for their trust and loyalty.

We will continue our journey together with the United Designs Alliance to be better. As our motto, we believe design is about Firmitas, Utilitas, and Venustas.

Welcome remark by Albert Young Choi

Chief Director: Albert Young Choi
Director: Zhao Zhiyong
Co-Directors: Zantides Evripides, Arafat Al-Naim, Jennifer McKnight, Scott Hutchinson, and Sebastian Guerrini

Participants: 111 Participants from 20 Nations
Environmental Awareness Posters
Practical Designs