10th United Designs Biennial Online 2017

An International Design Conference

2021.10.13 at 10:00pm KST

Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting

Welcome to the 10th United Designs 2021. 
For the first time, we hold this celebration virtually, with 70 designers from 15 nations. 

2021 finds us at an uncertain point in history. Over the past year, humankind has been challenged and impacted on a vast scale in ways that our generation has never before faced. But we have persevered and have looked towards hope. 

The theme of the 10th United Designs, Messages to Humanity, is an especially timely and fitting call to designers to visualize our emotions, experiences, beliefs, struggles, and strengths. This event—and this organization—unifies us. As graphic design students, educators, and practitioners, we are empowered to represent, inform, and persuade through visual and conceptual tools. Through the United Designs Alliance (UDA), we do so through hope and connection as integral parts of a global community of citizen designers. 

Our cooperative group of unique individuals—speaking different languages and practicing different customs—embraces the richness of our diversity while celebrating our shared humanity. UDA is committed to fostering cooperation, inclusion, development, celebration, success, and collaboration across borders. We will continue to initiate and share opportunities in design education and practice with you, and we hope you will further circulate them in your communities. 

Thank you for your contributions to this dynamic community of peers. May we meet again in person in 2022. 

A message from the President of UDA
Prof. Kelly Salchow MacArthur

Chief Director: Dr. Albert Young Choi
Co-Directors: Robert Hower, Zhao Zhiyoung, and Astrid Kensinger

Participants: 70 Participants from 15 Nations
Messages to Humanity Posters
6th GVC Symposium: Kelly Salchow MacArthur, Linh Dao, and Albert Young Choi

Exhibition Gallery/Catalog will be posted Thurs, Oct 14, 2021